UStop Pee Stopper - Pee Guard - Urine Deflector

When males sit on the commode and pass urine, it is not uncommon for urine to pass through the gap under the toilet seat. This can fall on clothes or the floor causing toilet smells and massive inconvenience.

How do you prevent urine spillage? The UStop Pee Stopper is a toilet seat urine guard. It is a single piece product requiring no skills for installation. This urine deflector for toilet seats helps eliminate the problem of urine spillage. Banish Urine Spillage Today.

UStop Pee Stopper – Pee Guard – Urine Deflector

This prevents passage of urine through the gap under the toilet seat onto clothes and the floor. This a One-piece toilet seat urine deflector  made of soft material requiring no special assembly. You can close the toilet cover once it is fitted.  It  sits on the top of the front of your toilet seat securely. It is translucent so blends in easily with the colour of your toilet seat and has an innovative design (patent pending) making it fit most STANDARD toilet seats. The product inner height is 23mm and inner width 75mm. Please check your toilet seat size before purchase.

  • 👉STOP URINE SPILLAGE – Flexible Opaque, patent-pending design stops pee from leaking through the gap between the toilet seat and bowl.
  • 👉FITS MOST STANDARD TOILET SEATS – Fits most toilet seats with a front that measures less than 0.9″ high and 2.9″ wide. Please check the measurements of your toilet seat before purchasing.
  • 👉EASY TO USE – Easy to attach, clean and use. Stays in place until removed.


    Should the product does not fit your toilet seat snugly, do not use. Use with caution on toilets used by under 18s and vulnerable adults. The seller takes no responsibility for any personal injury caused by use of the product.