Urine Deflector UStop Pee Stopper(Patent Pending) Pee Guard.





•No assembly required

•Can close toilet cover

•Fits most standard toilet seats*

•Innovative design-Patent pending

*with fronts with width upto 75 mm & height 23 mm

UK Shipping £2.99 included in price



The UStop Pee Stopper (Patent pending) is a Urine Deflector Pee Guard that prevents passage of urine through the gap under the toilet seat onto clothes and the floor. Banish urine Spillage once and for all. It is a One-piece product made of soft material requiring no assembly. It sits on the front of your toilet seat securely and you can close toilet cover. It is translucent so blends in easily with the colour of your toilet seat. It has an innovative design (patent pending) making it fit most STANDARD toilet with fronts with width upto 75 mm & height 23 mm).

We have stock in a country near you whether it be the US, UK, Europe or Asia and can ship worldwide. We also custom make bespoke Urine Deflectors for non standad toilet seats. The UStop Pee Stopper is being used in all US States, Canada, UK, Germany and Australia etc.


•Watch our YouTube video HERE

•Installation video HERE




If the product does not fit your toilet seat snugly, do not use. Use with caution on toilets used by under 18s and vulnerable adults. The seller takes no responsibilty for any personal injury caused by use of the product.



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Weight 50 g
Dimensions 13 × 10 × 5 cm

Flexible Opaque, Hard Clear